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Are You Under Insured?

Not sure whether your insurance will cover the cost of replacing everything if you lost it?

Click on "Are You Under Insured?" and enter your information into the calculator and see...

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Contact us for quotes and cover which may be arranged over the phone in minutes, with no forms to fill out.

Download Business Insurance Quote Form
We provide a wide range of insurance protection for small, medium and large sized businesses.
We offer flexible, competitively priced, quality cover to suit your needs.
Our unique relationship and service models provide additional support in managing business development, business placement and claims service.
The insurers we associate with are all about managing risk and the stress that goes with it.
Download Farm Insurance Quote Form
Your farm is both home and business, so we provide links to insurers who have products designed to protect your workplace and lifestyle. As local people we understand how important reliable insurance is to a farming operation.

We can safely insure farm buildings (including fixed plant and machinery) for accidental loss or damage. We also offer a wide range of insurance options to protect valuable farm tools and equipment against accidental loss or damage - including theft from anywhere in Australia. Options are available to insure other essential farm items such as baled wool, baled hay and even farm radios.

Download Farm Motor Insurance Quote Form
Your farm motor insurance may have some unique requirements so we provide links to insurers who have products designed to your requirements. As local people we understand how important reliable insurance is to a farming operation.
Download Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance Quote Form
We can arrange insurance for both commercial and private owner protection for most motor vehicles. We can protect your business cars, trucks, van, utilities, trailers and heavy vehicles against loss or damage.
We deliver peace of mind via a range of features and benefits designed to meet your requirements and budget.
With a wide range of options such as rental vehicle, our goal is to get our customers back on the road and back in business sooner.
Household Insurance

We can arrange cover for homes and contents against accidental loss or damage, and provide personal liability and liability for accidents around the home up to $20 million.
We have a highly efficient process which ensures that quotes and placement may be done within minutes, with just one phone call.
We operate best practice claims resolution, including claims lodgement with one call.
An easy way to get an idea of the amount of insurance you need is to use our "Are You Under Insured?" worksheet.
This simple and easy-to-use calculator works as a guide only to help you estimate the full replacement value of your home building and contents.

Miscellaneous Items Insurance

There are a number of other types of insurance we can arrange for you.
Some of these types include Landlord, Strata, Marine, Pleasure Craft / Boat, Commercial Motor, Liability, Accident & Health, Travel, Engineering and Workers Compensation.

Contact us for further information and we are only too happy to answer any queries you may have.

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